adobo seasoningIf you have been using your La Caja China roasting box to make the best tasting barbecues for your family affairs, we believe you might have already used our adobo seasoning as well. It’s our original family recipe that gives your barbecue a unique Cuban flavor and is perfect for pork, chicken and beef! So today, we want to walk down memory lane and talk about the truly delicious adobo sauce that’s popular not only in Spanish Caribbean, Latin American and Mexican kitchens but also in American homes. So read on and enjoy our blog for today!


Where Did The Adobo Sauce Come From?

The term “adobo” originally came from the Spanish word “adobar” which means “to marinate”. It is actually a technique that people from long ago used to “preserve” their food. The adobo sauce used to be made from olives, spices and wine or vinegar, which are the ingredients that give the sauce its preserving magic. Today, it is prepared as a dry mixture of spices or a moist rub paste. And instead of using it to simply preserve food items, it is already a cooking essential that enhances the flavors of a variety of dishes: stews, beans, sauces and yes, your barbecues.

Adobo In Different Cultures

The adobo sauce recipe varies among culinary cultures. In the Philippines, their famous adobo dish is prepared by sautéing minced garlic, adding the meat (whether pork, chicken, beef or seafood such as mussels) and then pouring a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. Puerto Ricans meanwhile prefer the combination of oregano and vinegar. Sometimes they also add in other ingredients such as lime juice, cilantro or onions. Cubans, on the other hand, commonly make use of cumin, garlic and sour orange juice.

How To Make Your Own Adobo Rub For Barbecue

Of course we won’t spill our family secret! Ha! But here’s an equally delightful recipe that you can use at home! Simply combine these ingredients in a bowl, making sure that they’re mixed evenly. Store the mixture in a sealed, air-tight container. The longer it is stored, the more flavorful it will become.

* 1 tsp chili powder

* 1 tsp garlic powder

* 1 ½ tsp cumin, ground

* 1 ½ tsp dried oregano

* 1 ½ tsp onion powder

* 2 tsp black pepper, ground

* 1 tbsp paprika

* 2 tbsp salt

We hope that you enjoyed our post about the famous adobo seasoning. Also try our trademark mojo sauce to serve the most mouthwatering dishes to your loved ones! And if you still don’t have your own La Caja China, just simply visit our website and browse the best barbecue grill, grill replacement parts and barbecue accessories in town! Call us at 1-800-338-1323!

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