baby back ribs cooking tipsAn article we recently read online said that pork ribs are the “holy grail” of backyard chefs from around the world. The site owner said that once you know how to perfectly cook ribs, you can barbecue almost anything. Do you agree? We believe that barbecue dishes entail different levels of cooking difficulty and learning the best way to cook specific types of meat and food items is truly advantageous. So if you’re trying to master the art of barbecuing baby back ribs, read on and learn these valuable tips we’ve researched and compiled specially for you!


1. Buy your meat fresh. Freezing meat for storage is okay especially if you’re preparing for a big party. Most people do this. However, if it’s possible, get your meat only a day before the cooking extravaganza and marinate it right away to achieve the best results.


2. Have a thermometer handy to monitor your barbecue! In your La Caja China box, the ribs will cook in a span of 1.5 hours in 225 degrees Fahrenheit. To make sure that it won’t get overcooked, let the meat cook on one side for an hour. Then, carefully turn it over to the other side and let it cook for the remaining 30 minutes.


3. Apply sweet sauce for later. If you’re using sugar in your barbecue sauce or any sweetener for that matter, apply it on your meat only during the last 15 minutes of cooking time. Sugar caramelizes when heated and makes meat burn fast. So if you don’t want your ribs to end up undercooked on the inside and burnt on the outside, follow this tip. You will save your ribs from having a bitter, burnt taste.


4. To achieve fall-of-the-bones ribs, get rid of the membrane. It is some sort of thin skin that you’ll easily see on the rack’s bone side. This membrane acts like a tough wall that keeps the rack and meat together. Remove it if you want your barbecue to end up tender and really full of flavor.


5. Check the rack if there are extra strips of meat hanging on the edges or any sort of skin that sticks out. Since these are thin, they’ll get easily burnt and may give your dish a bitter taste. In other words, grill your baby back ribs cut and clean.


6. Smoke your baby back ribs to add a twist to your dish. You can do this by using our very own La Caja China smoker pistol. Or you can always do it the traditional way by using apple and cherry among many other aromatic wood chips.


7. Do not skimp on rubbing your meat! A good rub will give your ribs a great flavor! Apply it generously, making sure that all areas are covered! Remember, the flavors in your rub will be infused into your barbecue while it is cooking so guarantee that your choice of spices and herbs makes a really great combination!


We hope that you find these baby back ribs cooking tips helpful! If you want to serve the best tasting clam bake, texas brisket and roast pork to your loved ones and friends, make sure that you use the best barbecue grill  in town! Get La Caja China’s roasting box by visiting our website or calling us at 1-800-338-1323!


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