barbecue accessoriesLa Caja China offers the best roasting boxes that you can use for almost all kinds of food items. You can roast whole pigs, turkey, chickens, pork, beef, steaks, baby back ribs, vegetables, fruits, lamb, goat — whatever you can think of! To make your grilling escapade even more spectacular, you might want to consider using these barbecue accessories.

1. Rotisserie Kit / Basket Rotisserie

If you’re grilling small food items like chicken breasts, shrimps, fish steaks, fruits and veggies, you won’t have to worry about them slipping between the grill grates. The rotisserie kit is also great for roasting chickens the traditional way. These accessories are portable, lightweight and can be used anywhere, even if you’re cooking on the ground.

2. Heavy-Duty Gloves

Protect your hands from burns. Wear a pair of our heavy-duty leather gloves and you’ll be able to flip the La Caja China rack with ease.

3. Top Grill

The top grill can be placed on top of the charcoal grid so that you can barbecue small food items on it while your pig is roasting. Grill hotdogs, seafood, hamburgers, vegetables and what-nots. Just make sure that the charcoals aren’t so hot to prevent burning your food.

4. Oversized Grill

If you want to roast large quantities of meat inside the roasting box, you can use the oversized grill. You can put 18 to 20 whole chickens or 10 to 12 pork shoulders on it! Definitely a valuable component of your La Caja China!

5. Wired Thermometer

The meat thermometer is not only an accessory. It’s a vital tool that should be used by every barbecue master. To ensure that your meat is perfectly grilled to your desired doneness, use the thermometer. Insert it into the thickest part of the meat and wait for its small monitor to display your preferred temp.

6. Bear Paws

If you’re roasting turkeys or grilling hams, a pair of bear paws is advantageous. The paws will let you flip large chunks of meat without any hassle. They provide a natural grip on the meat and their high-quality handles do not get hot despite high temperatures.

7. Meat Injector

As we always say, if you want your roasts to come out delicious and flavorful, you have to use a professional meat injector. It will let you infuse the marinade into every fiber of your meat.

8. Smoker Barbecue Thermometer

The temperature inside the roasting box is also important when grilling. To get an accurate reading of the box’s internal temp, use this thermometer.

9. Wind Deflector

To prevent wind from ruining your barbecue, use this deflector that’s specially made for the La Caja China roasters. It will allow you to host outdoor barbecue parties regardless if it’s windy or cold.

10. Scissor Thongs

Never drop your hotdogs and sausages on the ground. With the help of these scissor thongs, you’ll be able to take the food out of the grill without scalding your hands. It can also be used to turn the food efficiently.

11. La Caja China Smoker

Everybody loves a roast with a smoky twist! Install a smoker pistol at the said of your roasting box and smoke your food like a master barbecue chef! We have a wide array of smoke cartridge bullets, too! Choose among mesquite, hickory, apple, alder, cherry, maple, oak and pecan!

12. Collapsible Rake

Spread your lit charcoals on the grid with ease! Get a collapsible rake for your La Caja China!

We hope that you loved reading about our amazing barbecue accessories. Also check out our whole pig roast marinade, adobo seasoning rub or learn where to get a pig for a pig roast and suggestions for barbecue dipping sauces! Remember, only use the best barbecue grill in town! Visit our website or call us at 1-800-338-1323!

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