barbecue-replacement-partsWant to maximize the use of your La Caja China? Are you looking for replacement parts? Here’s our list to help you choose the right accessories and parts for your roaster! If you need assistance when purchasing these, don’t hesitate to call us.

1. La Caja China Roaster Bottom

Do you need a bottom replacement for your roaster? We have available parts for La Caja China model #1 and model #2. Available for only $50 with same durability!

2. La Caja China Box Handles

Want to replace your roaster handles? Get new ones for your model #1 and model #2. You can order these from our site at $25 and even they even qualify for free shipping, too!

3. Charcoal Grid

Want to use a sparkling new charcoal grid? Tired of seeing the soot, eh? Order one from our website for just $44.50.

4. Double Rack Set

If you’re looking for a double rack set, you can also order one online. It’s only $59.99 and will be shipped free as well!

5. Drip Tray

Sometimes, pan grates and drip trays get stained. If you want to make use of new ones, don’t hesitate. You can get these from our website for just $34.99.

6. Grease Tray

Don’t let grease ruin your La Caja China. If you lost yours or just want to replace it with a new one, order the tray online for just $34.50.

7. La Caja China Roaster End Panel

Now if your roasting box is already too old and the label on the panels are already blurry, you can also replace them. The end panel is only $35 and also qualifies for free shipping.

8. La Caja China Long Side Panel

Side panels are available from our website as well. These cost $35 and may also be delivered for free.

9. La Caja China Aluminum Frame

Now in case you’ll need a new aluminum frame, don’t worry. Order it from our website for only $15.

10. Top Ash Tray

Want a new top ash tray? Order now for your La Caja China model #1 and model #2. It’s only $44.50.

We hope that you enjoyed browsing through our outstanding barbecue replacement parts. If you also need outdoor grilling accessories, feel free to check out our popular pig thermometer and professional meat injector. We assure you that they’re really valuable. And if you haven’t decided choosing La Caja China yet, check out some of our best bbq reviews 2015. Visit our shop or call us at 1-800-338-1323 to get your roaster today!

Meanwhile, watch our video below to find out what well-renowned celebrities say about La Caja China!