barbecuing seafood tipsPeople mostly think about barbecuing during the summer season. But we must say that if you have a La Caja China, you’ll dream about grilling your favorite meat, veggies and seafood almost every week or even every day! Why not?! Barbecuing on our awesome roasting box is easy, fast and convenient! And speaking of grilling, we want to share with you some really helpful seafood barbecuing tips today. Read on and take these to heart to serve your loved ones the best grilled fish, clams, lobsters and what-nots!

1. Charcoal is better than gas. Why? Well, gas grills sometimes (if not most) give your food weird taste. In other words, grilled food items end up tasting like gas. As for charcoal grills, they simply give your food a smoky flavor.

2. Make sure that your grill is clean before cooking your food. You don’t want to let the leftover particles burn and stick to your food, do you?

3. Fish, as we all know, get flaky and stick on the grill when cooked over high heat. And that is why it is best to only use medium heat. You’ll know that the grill is hot enough when you place your hand right above it and find out that you can only leave it there for three to four seconds.

4. To make your seafood flavorful, don’t forget to marinate it for 30 minutes inside the fridge. However, make sure that you won’t leave it soaked for more than two hours.

5. Another trick to ensuring that your food won’t stick is by brushing oil on it. This works best with fish.

6. As with the case of shrimps and scallops, you’ll realize that they are best grilled on skewers. Yummy!

7. Since fish are flaky, prevent them from falling apart by turning them only ONCE.

8. When cooking shellfish, place them on the hottest part of your grill. You’ll know that they’re already cooked when the shells pops open. If there are pieces that don’t open up, throw them away because that means that the flesh inside aren’t fresh / alive when you cooked them.

9. You’ll know that your whole fish is already done when you use a metal skewer to poke it (thickest part) and it goes in with slight resistance.

10. As for grilling times, fish are cooked for 10 minutes for every inch of thickness. For shellfish like oysters, clams, mussels, etc., 5 minutes is recommended.

11. When choosing shrimp for barbecues, pick out the big ones. Small shrimps will just fall in between the grill grates and are also difficult to flip.

12. Halving the lobster will let it cook evenly. Just make sure that you first remove the coral as well as the tomalley, the green substance that you’ll find in its body cavity, before putting it on the grill.

13. When it comes to marinade, a lemon or citric sauce with a little bit of sweetness from honey will give your fish a refreshing flavor. If you want to make it crusty, you may use yogurt.

We hope that these barbecuing seafood tips will help you serve the most mouth-watering treats to your friends and family. To achieve the best results, only barbecue your goodies using the best barbecue grills in town! Visit our website to check out our meat smoker, pig roaster parts and barbecue accessories, too! Call us at 1-800-338-1323 so we can assist you!

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