bbq-grill-with-smokerBarbecuing is a cooking method that involves the grilling of meat (or any food item) over low heat. This is a slow process that allows meat to tenderize and get cooked in its own fat or juices. Throughout the years, barbecuing has been an integral part of many cultures all over the world. Nowadays, we make we make use of marinade and dipping sauces to make grilled dishes even more delicious. And to give our barbecues a smoky twist, we smokers and wood chips or pellets. Meanwhile, at La Caja China, we have our smoke pistol to do the trick!

What is a smoke pistol?

The La Caja China smoke pistol is an accessory that we attach to our barbecue grill in order to give our grilled treats a smoky flavor. You can easily mount it in your roasting box simply by creating a hole that measures 9/16 and inserting the mouth of the smoke pistol through there. To secure the connection, it will be kept in place with a ramrod barrel. The smoke pistol will smoke your food easily and professionally without breaking a sweat.

Want to know how it works? Watch this.

What is a cartridge bullet?

The La Caja China smoker cartridge bullet is the one that provides the wood flavor to your food. Our bullets come in packs of three and in several wood varieties which are:

1. hickory

2. mesquite

3. apple

4. alder

5. cherry

6. maple

7. oak

8. pecan

How do you start the smoke pistol?

1. Light the flat tip of the cartridge and make sure that it’s glowing.

2. Insert the cartridge into the smoke pistol.

3. To secure it to the smoke pistol, insert the ramrod into the barrel or hole and press on it firmly.

4. Configure the smoke pistol to high and then hold the burst button for about 30 seconds.

5. Rotate the cartridge half a turn. Insert the ramrod again and press on it firmly.

6. Once again, hold the burst button for 30 seconds.

7. This time, turn the cartridge a quarter of a turn. Insert the ramrod and press on it again.

8. If you notice that the smoke isn’t that strong, hold the burst button again.

9. Let the smoke pistol burn on high for a few minutes.

10. You may also shake and turn the cartridge to loosen up the wood and make them fall into the smoke pistol chamber. The ramrod, on the other hand, should be used to clear the barrel.

11. Let the pistol run on high again for another 10 minutes. After that, you can already set it to low.

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Watch the demo on how to use our smoke pistol. Check out our video below!