bbq grills for saleIt’s summer and there’s no better way to spend the season but to host awesome barbecue parties with your friends and loved ones! Lay out your chairs and tables; put on your plaid tablecloths; flavor up your ribs and chickens and bring your La Caja China out in the yard! But the only question is, do you have a La Caja China roasting box already? Well, if you haven’t made up your mind yet and are still in the process of searching for the best barbecue grill for your home, then it’s time for us to tell you why La Caja China is better than other BBQ grills out there!

1. La Caja China is just the right size.

It’s not too big and not too small. There’s no limit in the type, size or kind of meat that you can grill in the La Caja China. Roast kebabs, whole chickens, ribs, pork chops, seafood and even whole pigs! You name it, you can grill it! If you don’t want to spread your chicken in half or chop it into smaller parts, you can simply roast it whole with the use of our rotisserie! In other words, our roasting box offers versatility, convenience and ease of use!

2. La Caja China is affordable.

Times are hard and we all want to make sure that we’ll get our money’s worth for any investment we make. La Caja China guarantees just that. Our roasting boxes are very easy on the wallet as compared to other barbecue grills out there. As the cliché goes, “La Caja China delivers quality for less!”

3. La Caja China is durable and easy to maintain.

If you are looking for a cooking partner that will last for years, look no further because La Caja China is here! Our barbecue grills are made from high-quality aluminum material that doesn’t rust and lasts for years. But of course, just like any appliance or cooking utensil you have at home, you have to take care of it. Clean it up by simply washing it with dishwashing liquid and water after every use. Never ever store it without cleaning so that you won’t compromise the taste of your barbecues and the safety of your guests and loved ones.

4. La Caja China is portable.

Want to take your La Caja China to the beach or to another area in your yard? You can! It’s very easy to disassemble anyway. But for convenience, you can just roll it along without hurting your back. It comes with wheels and durable handles that will allow you to bring it anywhere, anytime.

5. La Caja China is a complete package!

La Caja China offers all that you’ll need for an amazing barbecue! Our model #1 and model #2 comes with the complete grill set plus a marinating syringe to infuse flavorful sauces and marinade to your food items. Should you need a smoker to add a tasty twist to your barbecue, lucky you because we also have that in our line of accessories! And if you don’t have the time to make your own mojo and adobo, don’t worry because we also sell our trademark sauces!

We hope that these points are enough to convince you into choosing La Caja China over other bbq grills for sale! So if you’re ready to make the best roasted treats at home or in your restaurant, visit our site and choose what you like from the best bbq grills, barbecue grilling parts, mojo sauce and barbecue grill accessories we have! You can also reach us at 1-800-338-1323! We look forward to speaking with you!

Watch this video as celebrity chef Bobby Flay features La Caja China on Food Network!