bbq pig roasterTimes are difficult and we all want to get the best value for our hard-earned money. Regardless if you’re buying something for your home; investing on a car; shopping for new clothes; shopping for food or even buying new cooking appliances and utensils, it is important that we spend wisely and practically. If you are planning to get a new bbq pig roaster, what factors are you going to consider when making the final choice? Here’s a short buying guide you can follow.

1. Price

We can’t deny that price strongly influences our buying choices. How much are you willing to spend for a barbecue pig roaster? Their prices vary depending on their use, material and even on their brands. You’ll even find that the tags of the expensive ones can go up to $3000 or maybe even more. Fortunately, La Caja China offers affordable pig cookers that range from $300 to $350 (Original Series) or from $899 to $1,250 (Pro-Series).

2. Durability

Make sure that you’ll get a pig roaster that will last for years. Instead of focusing solely on the tag price, you should also take the durability of the barbecue grill into consideration. Where is it made from? What materials were used to make it? The bottom line here is that there’s no sense in buying an overly cheap pig roaster that won’t even last a year. The good news is, you can enjoy using the La Caja China for 20 years or maybe even more!

3. Purpose

Another factor that you have to take note of is the purpose of the pig roaster. Are you going to use it at home? Are you getting it for your restaurant? Are you planning on using it for business? There are indeed different types and models of pig roasters in the market and you definitely pick the type that suits your barbecue needs.

4. Flexibility

Look for roasters that have amazing features and accessories. While it is awesome to have a single-purpose pig roaster, it is way better if it can be used for grilling other types of food. La Caja China comes with a grill rack that you can for your steaks and pork chops. We also have an array of accessories that will make your barbecue escapades even more enjoyable! Get one of our meat injectors to easily marinade your pig; a rotisserie kit for your chickens; our meat thermometer to monitor the doneness of your food or a grilling basket for small barbecues. Yes, you can roast treats as big as 90-pound whole pigs or grill little food items like vegetables and shellfish in the La Caja China!

5. Portability

It’s great to have a pretty large pig roasting box but here’s one question, will you be able to take it anywhere? Can you take it to the beach and enjoy a delectable clambake lunch? Well, you can with La Caja China.

6. Customer Reviews

Last but not the least, it is also your responsibility as consumers to check out what other people are saying about a specific roaster you’re eyeing. Are they satisfied with the product? Does the grill commit to its promises? We take pride in the remarkable quality of our La Caja China roasters and we’re sure our customers do, too. Get a load of their positive feedback on our Facebook page.

We hope that we’ve given you valuable tips when buying a bbq pig roaster. Check out incredible barbecue accessories like the barbecue smoker pistol, meat injector and meat thermometer. Remember, only use the best barbecue grill in town. Visit our website or call us now at 1-800-338-1323!

Watch this video as our very own Roberto Guerra shares a brief history of our pig cooker!