Chinese magic boxLove seafood? We do, too! And the good news is, you can grill your favorite sea goodies in your La Caja China! Yep, our Chinese magic box is not only perfect for steaks, ribs and chops. It’s great for grilling all types of food, even seafood! Here are some delicious suggestions you might want to try!

1. Grilled Grouper With Watermelon Salsa

Sprinkle pepper and salt on the grouper then drizzle with olive oil. Grill the fish for about 3 to 4 minutes per side, just right until it turns flaky when poked with a sharp knife. For the salsa, just combine chopped watermelons, pitted kalamata olives, English cucumber, jalapeno pepper, minced red onion and balsamic vinegar. Add salt and olive oil, too.

2. Shrimp And Scallops With Lemony Soy

Combine some sake, lemon slices, mirin and jalapenos in a baking dish. Thread the shrimps onto 8 bamboo skewers and then soak them in the marinade you just made. Turn the skewered shrimps to coat them evenly. Skewer the scallops, too. Marinade as well. Put the soaked seafood in the fridge and leave it there for approximately 30 minutes. Drain and grill for about 4 minutes per side. Make sure that you’ll brush the shrimps and scallops with the mixture.

3. Grilled Oysters With Spiced Tequila Butter

Toast some crushed red pepper and fennel seeds in a skillet for about 1 minute. Transfer to a mortar and let them cool down. Grind the spices to coarse powder and transfer to a mixing bowl. In the same pan or skillet, melt some butter and then add the sage. Cook until the sage turns crisp. Transfer to the bowl with the red pepper and fennel seeds. Crush the sage in the mortar. Add the crushed herb to the butter mixture. Put some lemon juice, oregano, tequila and salt. Grill the oysters over high heat and then add a tablespoon of warm tequila butter over them. Garnish with sage leaf then serve.

4. Grilled Lobster Tails With Herb Butter

Get a bowl and blend some black pepper, hot sauce, minced garlic, tarragon, chives and butter. Use a rubber spatula to combine the ingredients. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and set aside. Butterfly the lobster tails and cut the meat down the center. Make sure you won’t cut all the way through. Get a metal skewer and insert it down the tail then brush it with salt and olive oil. Grill the lobster tails for about 5 minutes until they sine a bright orange color. Turn them over and apply the mixture liberally on them. Grill for another 4 minutes. Remove from the grill and serve with sprigs.

5. Grilled Crabs Recipe

Combine garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, oil, vinegar, ginger and tomato in a bowl. Pre-cook the crabs in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes. Remove the crabs’ triangular tabs from their bellies. Clean the gills and entrails. Wash and drain them then cook them on the grill while brushing with the mixture occasionally.

We hope that you loved these recipes that you can cook in your Chinese magic box. Also check out our blogs on roasted pig side dishes, marinade for pig roast, professional meat injector, best Cuban mojo recipe and the use of a pig thermometer. And remember, to serve the tastiest grilled dishes, only use the best barbecue grill in town. Visit our website or call us at 1-800-338-1323 to get your La Caja China now!

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