Clam Bake

When people say “barbecue”, we think of ribs.. pork and chicken.  But did you ever try being a little bit creative and grill with seafood?


Sounds interesting? Yeah, well for your next gathering, try out this BBQ recipe and serve to your family and friends!  It’s called the New England Clam Bake. (FYI, you don’t actually need to be in New England to be able to pull this off)


From grilling veggies to shellfish, this dish can be a great addition to your backyard BBQ party. Many people feel discouraged to prepare this dish since they think it takes a lot of skill. It’s actually quite easy!

You will need:


A pound of clams
A pound of mussels
Four pieces of lobster (a pound each is ideal)
Four potatoes (good for baking)
Four Ears of Corn
Four Onions
Some Butter/ Olive Oil for drizzling
Lemon Wedges

When buying the seafood especially the clams and mussels, ensure that they are alive. Their shells should be ideally, tightly closed. If you notice some open clams/ mussels, try to tap them to close. If they don’t, it’s best not to cook them.


Here’s how to start:


  1. Build a fire in your grill. Don’t forget to soak some wood chips in water.
  2. Soak your potatoes and onions in cold salted water. Boil for around 15 minutes until they are soft, then drain afterwards.
  3. Pull the husks off your corn.
  4. Prepare some boiling water in a pot, then immerse your lobsters there. Wait for a few minutes until they are bright red, then remove from the water.
  5. Once your coals are hot, spread your damp wood chips on top. Place your Lobsters on the grill then add the shellfish beside them.
  6. Spread your onions, potatoes and corn on top. Drizzle with some Olive oil to keep them from sticking to the grill.
  7. Cover your grill and cook for about 30 minutes till your shellfish are opened.
  8. Serve with melted butter and some lemon wedges on the side.

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We can always be creative in our barbecues and we can use any cooker available. You can prepare this on a pit, on a BBQ grill or even using a La Caja China box. Check out this unique backyard clambake recipe on their website and serve up to six people with an assortment of clams, shrimp, sausages, lobster, leeks, potatoes and more!