grill for barbecueIn case you aren’t aware, La Caja China doesn’t only offer pig roasters. We also have a wide array of barbecue accessories that can help make your grilling experience enjoyable, memorable and absolutely hassle-free. Yes, there are times when grilling gets the better of us. Think about the food preparation you’ll have to go through and then the temptation you’ll have to ensure as you wait for your barbecue. But with these accessories, you’ll end up with flavorful, perfectly cooked grilled dishes that will make you say, “The wait is worth it after all!”


1. Top Grill


Cook hotdogs, hamburgers, seafood, vegetables, fish and meat steaks on our top grill. Just set it on top of the charcoal grid (with lit coals, of course) and you’re ready to start the barbecue party!


2. Rotisserie Kit / Basket Rotisserie


If you want to grill small food items evenly or want to roast chickens old-school style, you should have your own rotisserie kit. It’s definitely lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere — even if you’re camping outdoors and cooking on the ground.


3. Wind Deflector


Want to bring your La Caja China to the beach? Is the wind disrupting your grilling? Get a wind deflector and no windy or cold day will ever prevent you from barbecuing!


4. Bear Paws


Grilling hams or roasting turkeys? You should own a pair of our bear paws! These are valuable accessories that you can use to turn large chunks of meat without accidentally dropping them. Our bear paws feature a natural grip and handles that stay cool despite of the high temperature of the food you’re handling.


5.  Scissor Thongs


Want to get the hotdog off the grill? Afraid of dropping that delicious steak in between the grill grates? Use our scissor thongs to efficiently turn and reach your barbecues.


6. Smoker Pistol


Give your barbecues a smoky twist. Simply install the smoker pistol at the side of your La Caja China roasting box and voila! Smoke your food like a pro! By the way, we also have wood chips, too.


7. Wired Thermometer


Never ever ditch a good thermometer. To ensure that your food is grilled perfectly, in your desired doneness, monitor its temperature with the use of our wired thermometer. Simply insert the end of this gadget into the meat and wait until its display registers the right temp.


8. Smoker Thermometer


Want to make sure that the box has the right temperature when you’re smoking your food? Put this smoker thermometer inside the La Caja China.


9. Meat Injector


When grilling small food items, leaving them soaked in a good marinade is enough. But if you’re roasting whole pigs and large chunks of meat, it is always better to use a meat injector. Doing so will infuse the flavors of your herbs and spices right into the very fibers of your meat.


10. Heavy-Duty Gloves


Avoid scalding your hands when barbecuing. To ensure that you won’t get burns while roasting your pig or grilling your favorite food, wear a pair of our heavy-duty gloves.


We hope that you enjoyed reading about our accessories and grill for barbecue. Also check out our barbecue cooking instructions and barbecue recipes, too. If you want to give your dishes a trademark Cuban twist, use our delicious mojo criollo marinade and adobo seasoning. And remember, only use the best barbecue grill in town! Call us now at 1-800-338-1323 or visit our website to order your own La Caja China!


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