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The La Caja China roasting box started at family gatherings and BBQs. It then grew in popularity among top chefs like Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart. Now, La Caja China offers restaurants, caterers, and other commercial hospitality venues the chance to create a variety of delectable dishes, in less time, with less work.

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Typically, restaurants prepare barbecue in large brick or metal ovens designed specifically for roasting meat. While these ovens may produce tender, juicy BBQ, the drawback is that they are extremely expensive and have relatively low capacity. This equipment also requires meat to be roasted for longer periods of time, tying up ovens and requiring more wait time for customers.

A La Caja China roasting box is the perfect solution for restaurants that wish to offer enticing BBQ without the wait. A La Caja China box offers enormous capacity. It can cook a 100 pound pig in four hours. This large capacity means that restaurants can prepare more food in less space with less time, translating to better wait times and higher quality for customers. The roaster’s capacity also allows chefs to prepare varying types of food at once.

If the cooking times are the same, then restaurant chefs can use the same box to prepare different meats, such as whole chicken and ribs. Creative chefs are also using La Caja China to prepare pork shoulder, duck, lamb, and turkey. Due to its versatility, La Caja China allows restaurant owners and chefs to offer creative combinations without forcing restaurant goers to wait longer or choose from limited options. La Caja China gives cooks the freedom to design a BBQ menu that responds to their customers’ tastes.

La Caja China also requires little maintenance. This means that it’s easy to clean and also that it rarely requires repair. The simple design functions effectively for a lifetime. There is no need to perform expensive maintenance procedures and does not require specialized repair technicians, as opposed to many commercial ovens.

La Caja China is also perfect for caterers. One reason is its mobility. Because of the wheels and long handles on the box, it can be transported easily. This allows caterers to roast on-site, ensuring the meat is tender and hot when served.

bbq grilIt’s also extremely easy to use. Once the meat is loaded onto the roaster, there is little else that needs to be done. Caterers can begin the roast and then attend to the many other tasks necessary to run their events.

There is no need to constantly add charcoal or continuously check on the meat. This roasting box creates even heat in record time, giving caterers the flexibility to prepare the rest of the food service while the La Caja China box works.

The La Caja China roasting box also cuts down on the amount of expensive equipment that a caterer or catering company requires. Professional rotisserie ovens that cook 15 chickens can be upwards of $5,000. The La Caja China roaster holds up to 100 pounds of pig, 16-18 whole chickens, 4-6 turkeys, 8-10 pork rib slabs, 8-10 pork shoulders or any other type of meat or fish for a mere $349.99. It offers high quality results at an unbeatable price. This roaster also reduces the need for additional equipment; it can be used as a BBQ grill for rib racks, burgers, roasted vegetables, etc., freeing up conventional ovens and grills for other aspects of the menu.


One of the challenges for hotels and other hospitality venues is to have the right kind of equipment available for the many different customers who come into their place of business. Hotels will cater to many different groups with various meal and event requests. Investing in equipment with the capacity to feed large groups and handle different types of food is essential.

La Caja China provides this convenience for hotels and conference centers that need to provide large event services. The roaster has the capacity and the versatility to handle numerous different events, making your establishment more marketable. In addition, the easy, straightforward design means that outside caterers that may utilize your equipment will be able to use the La Caja China box easily.

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Barbequing has become an American tradition, providing delicious, comfort food that reminds everyone of home, no matter where home is. Restaurants, caterers, and those in the hospitality industry can capitalize on the public’s desire for delicious roasts by purchasing a La Caja China roasting box. This product will revolutionize the BBQ that businesses are able to offer customers.