how to bbq a pigRoasting a whole pig used to be time-consuming and energy-depleting. People used to dig pits or set up spits to roast hogs which are methods that take so much time and often leave you way beyond hungry in the end. The complexity of pig roasting has even led most of us to just order roasts from caterers and restaurants just to avoid all the hassle of cooking. But because of grills like La Caja China, you can now roast your own pig right at the comfort of your home, without wasting a whole day. Here’s a step-by-step guide you should follow.




Mojo Sauce
Adobo Seasoning
Whole Pig


Cooking Instructions:


1. The pig should be opened by the belly because it will be roasted flat on the grill later. Start by injecting the pig’s hams and shoulders with the La Caja China mojo sauce. You can do about four to five shots in the pig’s hams and about three to four shots in its shoulders.  Be careful when using the syringe and remember to avoid clogging its needle.


2. When you’re done injecting the meat, turn it over and wet its skin with the mojo sauce. Once you’re done, apply the adobo rub and salt all over the pig.


3. After seasoning and marinating the pig, place it in between two La Caja China’s racks. Be careful when putting it in place because you don’t want to poke holes in its skin.


4. Using the 4 S-hooks, secure the pig into the racks. The racks’ handles should face away from the pig.


5. Assemble the drip pan and place the racks (with the pig) inside the La Caja China. The ribs should face up. Put the ash pan inside and cover the roasting box.


6. Now it’s time to fire up your La Caja China. Put the charcoal grid in place and place the first batch of coals on it. Light them all up and wait until they all shine a bright orange color. This should probably take about 20 to 25 minutes.


7. When the coals are all lit up, spread them evenly on the grid. Take note of this as the start of your grilling time. Add a batch of charcoals after an hour then another one after that. The last batch of charcoal should be added 30 minutes after the third batch.


8. 30 minutes after you’ve added the last batch of coals, lift the ash pan carefully and shake the grid. This will remove the ashes. When you’re done, place the charcoal grid on top of the La Caja China’s long handles.


9. Now carefully flip your pig by grabbing the end of the rack lift and then sliding it as you pull upward. Grab the other end of the rack and slide it down using your other hand.


10. When you’re done, it’s time to make the pig skin crispy! Score the pig skin with a sharp knife.


11. Cover the La Caja China with the ash pan and charcoal grid again. A new batch of charcoal is no longer needed this time.


12. After 30 minutes, peak into the box by lifting the charcoal grid at one end only. Do so every 10 minutes until the skin reaches your preferred crispiness.


We hope that our blog today showed you how to bbq a pig  in your La Caja China. Also read about how to use your La Caja China box for other types of food items; check out our sample menus for outdoor barbecues and try cooking our lechon asado recipe, too. And to ensure that you’ll serve the tastiest grilled dishes, only use best barbecue grill and barbecue grill parts in town. Visit our website or call us at 1-800-338-1323!


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