how-to-roast-a-pig-in-your-backyardHave you tried to roast a pig in your backyard? Not yet? You’re missing half your life then! But you know what?It’s never too late to start crossing your bucket list items out. If one of them is pig roasting, then today is a great day to try! Don’t worry because we have a lot of guides and recipes available on our website to help you out. Start with this blog post to get an idea!

1. Plan your party.

First things, first. Plan your outdoor party! When do you intend to host it? What’s your menu? Write down your ideas on a sheet of paper so that you won’t forget any detail. Plan your side dishes, desserts and drinks, too. Are you going to play some music? Are kids going to be there? If so, are you going to serve a special menu for the children? Whether you’re planning for a simple get-together or a grand one, it would be advantageous to organize your thoughts and lay out how you want the party to go.

2. Get your ingredients.

Fresh ingredients are essential to make a barbecue party stand out. Make sure that you’ll get the pig from a trusted vendor or grocery. Also ensure that it’s properly sized to be able to cater to all of your guests. To guarantee that you’ll get the right ingredients, read our article on where to get a pig for a pig roast. It will give you some valuable tips that will help you on your shopping!

3. Invite your loved ones and friends.

Of course, notify your friends and loved ones. If you’re really the formal type, you might want to send out invitations. But if you want it casual, a simple call, text or a Facebook chat would surely suffice. What matters is that your guests know that they are indeed invited.

4. Prepare your La Caja China.

The secret to a perfect pig roast is La Caja China. If you do not have one yet, you better get one already because our roaster’s the finest pig roasting box in the market. Prepare the grill by putting the drip tray inside the box. Place the racks with the pig inside, too. Lastly, put the ash pan and the charcoal grid. Light up the charcoals and once they’re ready, spread them on the grid.

5. Start roasting!

Make sure that you won’t peek inside the box while the pig is roasting. You’ll have to add a batch of charcoal every hour. Do this two times. The fourth batch should be added 30 minutes after the third batch. By then, you may already peek inside the box just to flip the pig over and crisp its skin. Wait for the pig roast to reach your desired doneness and then remove it from the grill. Let it rest for about 30 minutes then carve and serve!

6. Don’t forget the side dishes.

Yup, you read that right. To make the roast even more delightful, serve it with your favorite side dishes. You can go completely Cuban or you can go for the traditional American dishes we love like the mashed potato, baked macaroni or grilled corn. To get ideas, read our blog that features roasted pig side dishes.

7. Serve your best drinks!

What better way to enjoy your pig roast than with the best drinks in the house? Serve beer, margarita or non-alcoholic cocktails. The choice is up to you!

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