how-to-use-a-charcoal-grillAre you a first-time La Caja China user? Are you still confused about how to use it to roast your pig? Well, it’s your lucky day! Let us share another how-to guide to help you out! Just don’t forget to get a fresh pig and prepare a delicious marinade because these are both pig roasting essentials!




Mojo Sauce


* 16 teaspoons salt

* 4 garlic bulbs

* 4 tablespoons oregano

* 4 teaspoons cumin

* 4 tablespoons bay leaves

* 24 ounces orange juice

* 8 ounces lemon juice

* 16 ounces pineapple juice

* 16 ounces water




1. Prepare your pig for roasting. Make sure that it’s fresh, clean and properly thawed. To ensure that you won’t buy from the wrong source, read this article on where you should get a pig.


2. Create your mojo sauce. Mix the ingredients and stir the mixture thoroughly to blend all the favors.


3. Start marinating the pig by injecting its hams and shoulders. Just don’t make too many holes in it. Afterward, flip the pig over and apply the mojo criollo on its skin. After the sauce, apply the rub.


4. When you’re done flavoring the pig, put it between the two La Caja China racks. Secure the pig with the S-hooks and then place it inside the box, after the drip tray.


5. Put the ash pan and then the charcoal grid in place. Put the first batch of your charcoals on the grid and light them all up. Wait for about 20 to 25 minutes until they all shine a bright orange. When they’re ready, spread the coals evenly on the grid. Write the time down because it’s the start of grilling.


6. Add a batch of coals after an hour. Do this twice. After the third batch, add another batch of charcoals after 30 minutes. So again, that’s 1 hour – 1 hour – 30 minutes.


7. 30 minutes after adding the last batch of charcoals, carefully lift the ash pan. Shake the grid to remove some of the ashes then place the grid on top of the long handles.


8. Flip the racks to flip the pig over. Afterward, score the skin to make it crispy. Make sure that your knife is sharp to create perfect cuts.


9. After scoring the pig, put the ash pan and charcoal grid again. Cover the box and leave it there for another 30 minutes to crispy the skin!


10. Let the pig rest for about 30 minutes, carve and then serve with your preferred side dishes!


We hope that you learned how to use a charcoal grill from our blog today. Also feel free to browse our blog page to learn about whole hog cooking times, pig roasting ovens, barbecue accessories, where to get a pig for a pig roast or a whole pig roast marinade recipe. And remember, to serve the tastiest grilled dishes, only use the best barbecue grill in town! Visit our website or call us at 1-800-338-1323 to get your La Caja China now!


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