keeping brisket moistWe’re pretty sure that you’ve been served a dry and tasteless brisket at one point in your life. You may have eaten one from a neighbor’s outdoor backyard party or from a restaurant. You may have even cooked one. After all, we won’t perfect the art of barbecuing different kinds of meat until after several tries and practice. So if you are struggling with your brisket-roasting, read on and learn some awesome tips in keeping it moist, tender and utterly delicious!


1. Among the number of essential elements that affect the tenderness and juiciness of roasted brisket, time and temperature are the most important.


2.  Aside from time and temperature, the fat in the meat is also vital. While the brisket is being grilled, the layer of fat will produce juice that will keep the meat moist and make it even more delicious. With that being said, it is only wise to choose a considerable chunk of meat with a considerable amount of fat cap. Also remember to put it on the grill with the fat facing up.


3. If you’re going to cook frozen brisket, make sure that you’ll thaw it or take it out of the fridge two hours before smoking.


4. When roasting brisket, it is important that you use a thermometer. It is very important to rely on this grilling tool to be able to monitor and confirm the doneness of the meat.


5. In terms of marinating, while we always leave our meat soaked overnight, you can actually prolong the process for up to two days. You’ll surely grill a brisket that’s full of flavors.


6. Even if you can add as much ingredients as you can in your rub or marinade for the brisket, you should not disregard the fact that less is more and simplicity is better. Popular restaurants serve briskets that are only seasoned with salt, cayenne and pepper. And still, the meat ends up lip-smacking up to every last piece. Just don’t play around with too many herbs and spices because they might even affect the taste of the brisket negatively. Try our adobo seasoning to give your meat a Cuban twist.


7. You’ll read online resources or get advice from other barbecue lovers out there about the effects of putting a pan of water inside the grill. The water is supposed to keep the heat in and keep the meat moist. It never hurts to try tricks like this one when barbecuing, right?


8. Smoke your brisket big time. There are several wood choices that will do well with your meat. Pecan wood apparently gives briskets a clean smoky taste while hickory is also another alternative.


9. While smoking, avoid peaking into the grill. Just leave the lid on and maintain the temperature inside. The smoking temp for brisket is between 200 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.


10. In most cases, smoking should stop once the brisket reaches a temperature of 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t forget to carefully follow the cooking instructions that we share on our recipes and blog posts.


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