La Caja China reviewIf you still don’t have a La Caja China, may we know if you are just having second thoughts? If you are, let us help you make that decision today. We all know that times are hard and we all just want to invest on worthwhile things. That’s alright. We assure you that your La Caja China purchase is going to be worth it. If you need more convincing, let us share lwith you some of the best reviews that we received from customers!

1. Ben Neumann

“I ordered the “La Caja China” directly from the manufacturer’s website a few days before we had an Oktoberfest party at my house with 150+ guests. We couldn’t find a caterer that would supply us with a whole roasted pig so I decided to roast one myself using the “Chinese Box”. Unreal how easy it was! Exactly the way it was described and in little less than 4 hours of cooking time. Try that on a spit! The pig was the hit of the party and I had several requests from my friends to do another one. Make sure to ask your butcher to butterfly the pig for you; otherwise it won’t fit into the box. The result will make you look like a master chef!”

2. Anonymous Amazon Customer

“Tried it once so far and the results were great. Can’t get any easier to cook up a great tasting pig. Instructions were very helpful and incredibly easy with the finished pig coming out perfect. I highly recommend this cooker for the regular cookout guy who wants to impress his friends. They’ll think you’re a genius.”

3. Timothy Nagle

“Great product and received it promptly. We have a large family and needed to Roast 4 20# turkey’s for Thanksgiving. Turned out excellent, moist with crispy skin.”

4. Tom From Amazon

“Ordering was easy, received it in two day’s, no damage! Assembly was not a problem, all holes lined up, instructions very clear! Was first user Memorial Day weekend, cooked a seventy pound pig in 3 hours, meat fell off the bone ,very good product, thanks!!!”

5. kco910 From Amazon

“Love how fast meat cooks in our china box. The large capacity means we can cook for large crowds and we sometimes cook different meats at the same time.”

These are just some of the testimonials we gathered from Amazon customers who verified their La Caja China purchases. But you know what? We bet it will be great to tell you that our magic box isn’t only used by aspiring barbecue masters but also by popular celebrity chefs and TV personalities.

1. Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is an American restaurateur, celebrity chef and reality TV personality. He owns a number of restaurants in Las Vegas, the Bahamas, New York, Uncasville, Atlantic City and the famous Bobby’s Burger Place that’s found in almost 18 locations in 11 states in the US. Pretty, impressive, huh? Watch this video where he featured La Caja China and used it to roast a pig!

2. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is an American writer, businesswoman and TV personality. She is known in the fields of business, publishing, merchandising, broadcasting and e-commerce. Martha has written several best-selling books and is the publisher of her magazine, Martha Stewart Living. It’s truly an honor to be featured in her TV show in an episode that discussed the grilling secrets of the best Master Chefs. Check out the video below!

3. Andrew Zimmerman

Andrew Zimmerman is another popular TV personality, chef, teacher and food writer. He is best known for being the creator and host of the Travel Channel plus the series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman.

Want more videos? Click here to watch more! We hope that you enjoyed reading these La Caja China reviews. Don’t forget to check out our barbecue grill parts; find out why you need pig cookers; learn how to use your La Caja China roaster and use our pig roasting menus as guides. And remember, to serve the tastiest grilled dishes, only use the best barbecue grill in town! Visit our website or call us at 1-800-338-1323 to get your La Caja China now!

Learn how to barbecue a pig in our roasting box! Watch this video by Chef Perry.