pig roast side dish ideasWe have shared with you a sample Cuban pig roast menu before. It features Cuban-style side dishes that should go well with your delicious pig. We have also shared another set of side dish ideas that you can serve on your backyard barbecue party. But it seems like we can’t stop. We just can’t get enough of delectable side dish suggestions that will make your pig roast party even more memorable. Here’s another sample menu you should try!


1. Asparagus and Grilled Shiitake Salad


Since you’ll be munching on meat all day, it is only wise that you serve veggies just to offset the cholesterol. Ha! Make vinaigrette ahead using olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, tarragon, vinegar, salt and pepper. When you’re ready to grill your mushrooms, simply brush them with the vinaigrette that you mixed earlier then season again with salt and pepper. Cook them on the grill for about 6 minutes until they turn tender. Once done, cut them into quarters; transfer to a bowl and then add some soy vinaigrette again. Toss. Now cook the asparagus in a skillet of boiled salted water. They should be done after three minutes. Put the asparagus on a platter and then drizzle with the vinaigrette. Top with the shiitake mushrooms and serve with your pig roast.


2. Shrimp and Shells Salad


Cold pasta is another delicious pig roast partner. In a processor, combine cheese, mayonnaise, buttermilk, parsley, onion, basil, salt and pepper. Process until the mixture is well-blended. In a large bowl, put some cooked pasta of your choice. Add some cooked shrimp, pimientos, peas, onions and tomatoes. Add the dressing and toss until the flavors are evenly distributed.


3. Southern Baked Beans


Who can ever say no to Southern baked beans? Combine mustard, light brown sugar, maple syrup, lemon juice, ketchup, onion and pork and beans in a Dutch oven. Top the mixture with bacon bits or bacon pieces. Bake this with the lid on for about 45 to 60 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


4. Tangy Cabbage Slaw


If you’re into slaw, try this recipe. Just whisk together these ingredients: onion, oil, lime juice, salt, pepper, chili powder, sugar, cayenne, cumin and garlic. Set the mixture aside for about 10 minutes. Now chop up a cabbage ensuring that you’ll discard the core. The strips should measure about an eighth of an inch wide. Chop up some cilantro, too. When you’re done, simply put the two vegetables in the bowl where you mixed the dressing. Toss thoroughly and then refrigerate for about 1 ½ hours before serving.


5. Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes


Now this one’s a little creamy to complement the pig even more. Layer some potatoes at the bottom of a buttered casserole dish. Add some onion slices. Add another layer of potatoes. Season the ingredients with salt and pepper. In a saucepan, combine some butter, flour and salt. Add in milk and stir until the mixture has thickened. Pour the sauce onto the potatoes in the casserole and then cover with foil. Bake this for about 1 ½ hours at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


We hope that you’ll enjoy these pig roast side dish ideas we shared with you today. Also check out our side dish suggestions for a Cuban pig roast, recipes for outdoor barbecues, various bbq recipes, sample smoked meat menu and our delish grilled baby back ribs menu. And remember, to serve the tastiest grilled dishes, only use the best barbecue grill in town! Call us at 1-800-338-1323 or visit our website to get your La Caja China now.


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