pig thermometerSome of you may find the practice of using a pig thermometer invaluable but the truth is, it is essential. While there are other tricks that will help you monitor the doneness of your grilled dishes, you’ll discover that using a thermometer is a lot more convenient and accurate. In fact, it is so indispensable that it’s not only used for grilling but also for other types of cooking. So today, we want to talk about meat thermometers and its types.


What is a meat thermometer?


A meat thermometer is a special cooking tool that’s used to monitor the internal temperature of your food. It features a monitor or gauge that displays the temperature of the food, a wire and a sharp end that should be poked into the thickest part of the meat. It is best used when roasting large chunks of meat, most especially whole pigs. Because of this cooking apparatus, you’ll be able to monitor the doneness of your pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, venison or any other type of meat for that matter.


What are the different types of meat thermometer?


There are several types of meat thermometer in the market but note that what we use is the wired type. For illustration purposes, here are some types of meat thermometer.


1. Pop-Up Thermometers – These are often used for turkey or chicken roasting. They feature a metal or plastic plug that’s stuck in the fowl’s breast. As their name imply, this type of thermometer pops out when it has reached your desired temperature.


2. Digital Thermometers – These are innovative types of thermometer that often comes with other features such as alarms, timers, wireless technology and of course, digital displays. However, note that they cannot be left inside the oven or grill because they are not heat-proof. Most of these are used with grilling forks so that you can check on the doneness of your food without reaching out your hands or arms too near the grill or fire.


3. Dial Thermometers – These thermometers feature a sharp metal point that’s used to stick into the meat and a dial that displays the temperature. They are relatively user-friendly and are in fact heat-proof.


4. Wired Thermometer – These thermometers feature a needle-like end that is inserted into the thickest part of the meat. It is connected to a digital transmitter through a wire. This type may be left inside the grill and you’ll still be able to monitor the temp without opening the lid because you get to keep the gauge display.


We hope that our blog today about the pig thermometer is helpful to you. Just remember to grill your dishes using the best barbecue grill in town to ensure that they’ll end up flavorful and delicious! Also check out our barbecue ribs recipe, homemade barbecue sauce, Cuban pig roast menu, barbecue rub recipes and other valuable articles. 

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