professional meat injectorSome of you may not find the use of a professional meat injector important when roasting a pig but believe us when we say that it works wonders. While you can soak thin cuts of meat and other relatively small food items in marinade to make them flavorful, you’ll surely need the help of a meat injector to make whole pigs delicious. Because you’re roasting whole pigs, you’ll find that infusing the flavors of your favorite marinade a little bit challenging. You just can’t expect that your mojo criollo or adobo seasoning will sink right into the pig’s every fiber just like that. So today, let us tell you more about meat injectors and their contribution in pig roasting.

What is a professional meat injector?

A meat injector is a needle-like tool — a syringe — that’s specially designed to infuse marinade and sauces into uncooked meat and whole pigs, too. It is also known as the flavor injector and features a lengthy metal needle that can poke into the thick meat of your pig. Once it is inserted into the pig’s body, you just have to push its plunger end for the marinade to permeate every tissue and fiber of the meat.

How do you use a meat injector?

It’s pretty hassle-free to use a meat injector. It works like a typical syringe only that it is bigger and made from a more durable material. Just prepare your marinade and put it in a deep container. Dip the needle end of the injector into the marinade and then pull the plunger to suck the liquid in. It is best to fill the injector with the marinade to avoid pushing air into the meat. When you’ve already loaded the syringe, just poke its needle into the pig, making sure that at least an inch of it gets in, then carefully push the plunger to infuse the marinade. When you’re done, slowly pull the injector out.

Tips When Injecting Pigs

1. Avoid double dipping. This means you should always empty the content of the injector into the meat. Do not dip the injector into the marinade container unless the former has been emptied already. Otherwise, you just might contaminate the marinade which is a big no unless you’re sure that you can use the entire container.

2. Inject on the pig’s hams, shoulders, loins and sides but avoid creating too many holes. For best results, you can apply the marinade on the pig’s skin and insides, too. Then follow up with your favorite rub.

3. Evenly distribute the marinade in your pig. Make sure that the holes you’ll create on the meat are at a uniform distance from each other. This way, you can be sure that no spot will be left flavorless.

How do you choose which injector to buy?

There are different types of injectors available in the market. They vary in terms of size, needles and material. You just have to remember that the bigger the meat you’re injecting, the bigger the injector that you’ll use. It is also wise to have separate needles for smooth marinades and thicker ones. Surely there are injectors with interchangeable needles, too. Check the features of the injector you’ll purchase. There are those with detachable parts which make cleaning hassle-free. There are also those made from plastic and those made from metal. Of course, while plastic injectors are cheaper, metal ones are more durable.

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