La Caja China Outdoor hog smokersBarbecuing outdoors is one of our most favorite activities.  Aside from the smoked taste and tender meat thanks to our La Caja China outdoor hog smoker, we also get to enjoy quality time with our family and friends.   There’s just something relaxing about it: roasting, enjoying drinks, laid back music and great company.


People often ask us what we recommend to achieve the perfect pig roast.  First off, there are NO short cuts.  The secret is to learn how to wait, patiently.  That means — no opening the box while it’s cooking!


Here are the top ten recommendations we can give to make sure you roast the perfect hog:



  1. One of our best practices is to use the right marinade for your roast.  Season your pig with our Mojo Criollo.  Strain it, then inject the juice into the meat every four to six inches.  Make sure you don’t puncture the backside skin of the pig.  Once done, add salt and Adobo all over.  Marinate this overnight.
  2. 2. Before cooking, make sure you thaw your pig completely, ideally at room temperature. It will affect cooking time if the hog is a little bit cold.
  3. 3.  Roasting in a Caja China is NOT rocket science. You just have to remember to add the right amount.  Never use instant charcoal.   If you’re using a model #1, add 16lbs and model #2, then you add 18lbs.  Just pile them up equally in two on either end of the grid tray.
  4. 4.  No peeking inside the box! This will interrupt cooking. You only open the box when the pig needs to be flipped.
  5. 5.  A kitchen timer will also be useful, to remind you that you need to add charcoal every hour.
  6. 6.  To enhance the flavour of the meat, use a pellet smoker.
  7. 7.  To make it extra crispy, make cross cuts on the skin when you flip it.
  8. 8.  Use a wired meat thermometer to tell you if your hog is perfectly cooked.
  9. 9. When done cooking, uncover the box and leave the pig there, uncovered, for about fifteen to twenty minutes before you bring the pig out of the box.
  10. 10  Have a sturdy table ready. Buen apetito!


Watch the video below of Martha Stewart and our very own LCC President Roberto Guerra roasting together!