Pork chopsPork chops are among the cuts of pork that are easiest to cook and prepare. They’re taken from the area perpendicular to the pig’s spine and are served in individual portions. Now when you go to the supermarket to get your supply of chops, you’ll notice that there are so many pieces of meat on display that are labeled as pork chops. Some still have the bones in. Some are boneless. Some are loin cuts or rib cuts. Some are thinly sliced. Some are thick. And all these varieties of pork chops are cooked differently on the grill. Get a load of these helpful tips to serve tender, juicy and moist grilled chops to your loved ones!

What is brining?

It is a preparation process that’s known for its capability to add moisture to varieties of meat, most especially, pork. If you are looking into grilling thick chops, it is a wise idea to brine them first. On the other hand, brining doesn’t really do much for thin slices of meat. So how do you brine meat anyway? Well, it’s pretty easy! Simply combine salt and water in a large container. Take note that the recommended ratio is about a tablespoon of kosher or sea salt to a cup of tap water. Once you’ve mixed the two ingredients together, simply soak your chops and put them inside the fridge or any cool place for that matter. You may also add herbs or flavors of your choice. Let the meat stay soaked in the brine for about two to four hours.

Do you love marinades?

Marination is another meat preparation process wherein a protective layer is provided to the meat to make it more flavorful. There are a lot of marinades that you can use for your grilled pork chops. For instance, you can use a vinegar-mustard marinade which is comprised of mustard, white vinegar, olive oil, dry herbs and garlic. This mixture will infuse a citric, earthy flavor to your chops. For best results, try our mojo or adobo sauces.

Let’s dry rub the chops!

Dry rubbing meat is also a great way of adding flavors without the need to marinade or brine. You can create a dry mixture of paprika, cumin, chili powder, brown sugar, salt and granulated onion and garlic powder. This will certainly give your chops a kick. However, let us remind you that this process of preparing meat doesn’t add moisture to meat. Simply use a rub if you’re going to cook your chops in low heat.

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