where to get a pig for a pig roastGetting a fresh and USDA-approved pig is essential in serving delectable pig roasts! Not only should we aim for perfection in taste but we also have to guarantee the safety of our loved ones. We have heard stories about people getting food-poisoned and having upset stomachs because of eating food items that aren’t fresh and safe. That is why, we would like to dedicate our blog post today to share tips on where to get a pig for a pig roast. Surely there are a number of places where we buy our meat but which of them are guaranteed safe for your family? How do you choose your pig? What should you tell the butcher or the farmer? Read on and learn these valuable tips when shopping for your whole hog!

1. Rural Areas

If you live in a rural area, you should be able to find a local farmer who can sell whole pigs to you. They have a wide array of pigs that differ in terms of weight and age. You can get your 40-pounder, 60-pounder or bigger hogs if you’re planning to cook for more people. Suckling pigs, however, are not as easy to procure. Suckling pigs are piglets that still feed on their mother’s milk and so since they’re young, they’re not always available. They are slaughtered between the ages of two to six weeks which make them perfect for small get-togethers. While these young pigs’ availability depends on the time of the year when you order them, bigger hogs are of course, easier to purchase.

2. Special Markets

There are many ethnic markets that sell cuts of meat which aren’t commonly available in American meat shops and markets. Whole hogs and suckling pigs are among these cuts. If you live near Latin American or Mexican meat markets, you’ll surely be lucky to find fresh whole hogs there. After all, roasting whole hogs is a part of the Latin American culinary tradition! A number of Asian markets also sell whole pigs. If there’s none available at the moment, their butchers can definitely refer another source. What’s good about ethnic markets is that meat is relatively cheaper here than in big meat shops.

3. Local Butchers

Full-service butchers who work in dedicated meat markets can sell you whole pigs, too. They personally know meat suppliers and can get what you need for you. If they don’t have pre-cut and pre-slaughtered pigs on-hand, they can actually order them for you, too. It will be best to order days ahead so that you can just pick the pig up the day when you need it and save time on preparation and shopping.

4. Online Shops

It’s the digital age and we now have the technology to do our shopping online. Even meats can be ordered from online shops nowadays. Just be careful though when making your purchases. Choose a reputable online shop and make sure that their products are fresh and safe for consumption. Since you won’t be there to personally choose and check the pig, it will be best to only transact with companies that have good reputation and positive reviews from customers.

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