whole cooked lambRoasting for a special occasion? Why not cook lamb today? Since we’ve already shared recipes that involved different cuts of this delicious meat, we want to take this opportunity to teach you how to grill a whole lamb in your La Caja China. We know that this meat is pretty expensive so follow this recipe carefully to ensure that you won’t put the food to waste. Check out Roberto’s recipe for a roasted whole lamb.


* 48-pound lamb

* olive oil

* salt

* adobo seasoning or your choice of rub

* a gallon of water

* 2 cups white wine

* spices of your choice

Cooking Instructions

1. Prepare your lamb. In a bowl, mix some olive oil and salt. Apply this onto the meat. You may also use your choice of rub or simply use our adobo seasoning.

2. Now secure the lamb between the racks with the use of the four S-hooks that came with your La Caja China.

3. Position the drip tray inside the box. Pour a gallon of water, 2 cups of white wine and some spices in it. You’ll be using these for the sauce afterwards. If you want to infuse the flavors of a marinade to your lamb, make sure that you’ll use a meat injector.

4. Now place the rack inside the La Caja China roasting box. Make sure that the lamb is facing rib-side down.

5. Position the ash pan and charcoal grid as well.

6. Now put 16 pounds of charcoal on the grid if you’ll use model #1. If you’ll use model #2, put 18 pounds of charcoal instead.  Light the coals up and once they all shine a bright orange, scatter them all over the grid.

7. Take note of this as the start of your cooking time.

8. After an hour, open the lid of the La Caja China. Flip the racks to turn the whole lamb on its other side.

9. Get your wired thermometer and insert it into the lamb’s rear leg. Ensure that it won’t touch the bone for you to be able to get accurate temperature.

10. Put the ash pan and grid again then add another batch of charcoal weighing 7 to 8 pounds. Do this every hour until the thermometer displays your preferred temperature. Here’s a temp guide you can follow:

* Well-Done = 170 degrees Fahrenheit

* Medium =  160 degrees Fahrenheit

* Medium Rare = 145 degrees Fahrenheit

*  Rare = 140 degrees Fahrenheit

11. Once the lamb is cooked, transfer the drippings to a pot. Add some more wine and reduce the mixture to create a delectable sauce for the meat!

We’re hoping that you’ll love Roberto’s whole cooked lamb recipe. You should also check out our special lamb roast, boneless lamb roast, roast leg of lamb, grilled lamb chops and grilled rack of lamb recipes. And remember, to serve the tastiest grilled dishes, only use the best barbecue grill in town! Call us at 1-800-338-1323 or visit our website to get your La Caja China now!

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