whole grilled lambMore on lamb this week ‘cause we’re thinking you might celebrate a special occasion soon! Anyway, we know that lamb is a pricy meat and most people are intimidated when it comes to grilling it — especially if you’re a first-time La Caja China owner. Don’t worry too much and just follow the recipes we share with you. You can check out Roberto’s famed roasted whole lamb recipe here if you want or try this one that we found from About.com. Of course, we tweaked this just a little to suit your roasting box.




* 1 30-pound dressed lamb

* 10 lemons

* 3 bunches of parsley, rosemary and basil

* 2 heads of garlic

* 1 cup of red wine

* 1 bottle of balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing

* 2 cups of olive oil

* dried oregano

* dried rosemary

* dried parsley

* sea salt

* freshly ground black pepper


Cooking Instructions:


1. Make sure that your lamb has thawed and has been properly prepped.


2. Make your marinade. Get a mixing bowl and juice 8 lemons. Set the juice aside for awhile. In a food processor, combine the parsley, rosemary, basil and two heads of garlic. Process these ingredients until they turn into a paste.


3. Once done, add the herbs to the lemon juice that you just set aside earlier. Add a cup of your favorite red wine, a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing and a cup of olive oil. Whisk the ingredients thoroughly.


4. To give the lamb a fresh taste, cut two lemon slices into halves and rub them all over the meat. Make sure that no spot is left out. Even the insides of the lamb should be rubbed with lemons.


5. After rubbing, brush one side of the lamb with olive oil.


6. Now you can either inject the marinade mixture that you created a while ago or just simply brush it onto the meat. For best results, just infuse it into the lamb using a professional meat injector.


7. After marinating the lamb, make a rub. Get a mixing bowl and combine some sea salt, dried oregano, dried rosemary, dried parsley and freshly ground black pepper. Stir to distribute the flavors evenly. Once done, rub it all over the meat.


8. Now prep your La Caja China. Put the drip tray inside the roasting box. Place the rack with the lamb inside, too. Make sure that the lamb is facing rib-side down. Put the ash pan and charcoal grid on their places as well.


9. If you’re using model #1, put 16 pounds of charcoal on the grid. If you’re using model #2, put 18 pounds. Light them all up and wait for them to shine a bright orange. Once they do, spread them on the grid.


10. Mark this as the start of your roasting time and cover the roasting box with its lid.


11. After one hour, peek into the La Caja China. Remove the charcoal grid and ash pan. Flip the racks to turn the lamb, too.


12. Insert the wired thermometer into the rear leg of the lamb and guarantee that it won’t touch the bone. This way, you’ll get accurate temperature.


13. Put the ash pan and coal grid back to their places again. Add another batch of charcoal weighing approximately 8 pounds. Repeat this step every hour until your lamb is cooked to your preferred doneness. Of course, rely on your thermometer for this. Here’s a guide for your reference:


* Well-Done = 170 degrees Fahrenheit

* Medium =  160 degrees Fahrenheit

* Medium Rare = 145 degrees Fahrenheit

*  Rare = 140 degrees Fahrenheit


14. Serve with your favorite side dishes!


We hope that you’ll love this whole grilled lamb recipe we shared with you today. Also check out other recipes like the boneless lamb roast, roast leg of lamb, grilled lamb chops and grilled rack of lamb. Remember, to serve the tastiest roasts, only use the best barbecue grill in town! Visit our website or call La Caja China at 1-800-338-1323 to order yours now!


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