Aug 23, 2019

How to Roast a Pig Using La Caja China

How to Roast a Pig Using La Caja China

A pig roast is a great way to have a celebration that will be different from the
other events of the year. It will stand out and set you apart from any other parties. While a lot of people think that roasting a pig is too difficult 
the correct size of the pig. The yield of a whole roasted pig is about 65% and the
average serving is about 8oz if you have sides. Here is an easy formula to find out
the correct size of the pig; the number of people x .5 = product, then product /.65 =
buy a dressed pig.

specify the dress weight (clean, gutted) and not live weight. This is because
the pig will lose about 25% of its weight when gutted, this information is vital when
roasting the pig in La Caja China Model #1 will hold up to a 55 lb. dressed
pig and model #2 can hold up to 85 lbs.

can select a motif from countries that are famous for their pig roast, like Cuba,
Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Philippines, Spain and many more. Choosing the right side
dishes according to the theme is important. It is best to go online and do a
research on the types of food for each country. This is a great way to learn about
their culture. Make sure that you play some of their music too since nowadays, 
It is easy and cheap. You can try using iTunes, mp3 players or Pandora which is
free internet radio available through your smartphone.

Spain. You can do some more research on this subject. This idea doesn't cost
much more and it will surely be a very nice experience for your guests.

to organize, it actually is possible and simple using La Caja China. There are
a few steps to follow in order to have a great pig roast. Once those
things are discovered and mastered, anyone can have a successful pig roast that everyone enjoys.
First, find out the number of guests to feed, we need this information to 
choose It is important when ordering a pig from a butcher shop or 
slaughterhouse the theme is very important and necessary for having
a successful pig roast. Just as both food and music are important, so are drinks.

It is best to have a unique selection of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages
that is from the countries of your theme, like Mojito or Cuba Libre from Cuba 
and Sangria from

Click below to read our step by step guide on how to roast a pig 

with La Caja China